Miami Half Marathon Recap


First, I must say I’ve missed you terribly!!!! I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for TWO WEEKS! I’m a horrible person, I know.


My life has been sooo hectic that I’ve really thought that I just can’t handle my life and do this blog…at least the way I want to. I know it sound ridiculous but it’s true. Some days I can’t get to everything then I feel bad and one day turns into well…14.

Ok enough moping, here’s my race recap:

I had a blast at the Miami Half Marathon.

I didn’t realize what an AMAZING run it was until about 24 hours later when it all sunk in and I realized I am obsessed.

Here is the full recap of everything Miami Half Marathon explained from the perspective of someone who was running their first half marathon.  :) I read a gazillion running blogs and most are super star runners and started their blogs once they had already ran a gazillion big races.  I thought I would write this post for the newbies like me.  A race recap from a half marathon virgin.

Like a good girl, I packed everything the night before including my breakfast (almond butter and jam sandwich).  I put my bib, garmin, headphones, chapstick, spibelt, Cliff shot blocks, water bottle and directions (yes directions…I may be from Miami but directions never hurt anyone) in a Ziploc along with 20 bucks a credit card and my driver’s license.  I put that  bag of golden goodies under my keys to make sure I wouldn’t forget it.  Looking back, I should have put it in my car.  This way there was no chance of forgetting it.


I then went on to get my clothing ready.  Everything from undies to my hair tie.  Everything was placed in the bathroom ready to go.  The less thinking at 4 am the better.  *I should have packed extra hair ties.  I only thought of this two seconds before the race started when I was adjusting my hair…I thought, oh $*!@ what if my hair tie broke.  Lesson learned.

I got up at 4 and was out of the house at 4:15.

It took me about 30 minutes to get into downtown.  Parking took another 45 minutes.  If I could go back and do it again…I would have gotten a hotel room downtown.  More sleeping and less stressful.  Once I found parking and walked 1 mile to get to the actual event I started to get realllllyyyy excited.

I stopped to use the portapotty before going to my coral and wow are those things gross! They really need to put hand sanitizer stations outside those things.  I will be taking my own mini bottle of hand sanitizer next time.


The corrals were crazy.  No one knew where to go it seemed even though our bibs had the corral letters on them.  I was in H.  Don’t ask me how that happened but it did.  I must have estimated my time or not estimated to be in the second to last corral.   Once in my corral, I waited patiently until H got called…which was over 30 minutes after corral A.

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Hello Half Marathon…so nice to (finally) meet you

It’s finally here!

This morning I will be running the Miami Half Marathon! This is my first big race and I am pretty nervous excited!

I am nervous because I feel like my training has been not been what I hoped the last month coupled with me having a baddddd cold for almost two weeks plus an achy knee…so my training has been pretty disappointing the last few weeks…BUT…there is nothing I can do about it except get excited and RUN!


My sister and I drove down to Miami yesterday while the babies napped to grab my race packet.  Boy oh boy was the traffic horrendous! Note to self, next time make a weekend out of it and stay downtown or on the beach.  It took forever to get down there, find parking and get into the expo.


Once we were in there, the expo was pretty cool.  Huge and packed full of a gazillion people.  It took so long to get in there we didn’t really have a ton of time to spend shopping around.

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Slowly falling apart

I wish I could say I’m cured. No more cold, no more aches and I’m so perfect I did a practice half marathon run yesterday and finished in record time….

Sadly, I’m still feeling sick. I think it’s a head cold because there is so much pressure and pain in my sinuses. I tried to go for a quick run last night and about 5 minutes into it, I experienced the sharpest, shooting pain in my right knee. I decided it was probably best to stop so I went home with no run. I feel like I haven’t run in years and it’s only been a few days. I hope I don’t forget how to run come Saturday…if I make it till then. ;)

Ok enough about the dramatic antics…I hope you are having a great Tuesday so far.

My Monday was pretty much what Mondays always are: a tad bit stressful and overall pretty uneventful.

I started my day with old faithful…an almond butter sandwich and strawberry jam.


I grabbed a cup of coffee once I got to work which I knocked over a few minutes later. Nothing better than coffee all over your desk and laptop.

For lunch I decided to go for a cup Wolfgang Puck Organic Chicken Noodle Soup. It was my first time trying this brand out and it was pretty good for canned soup.


Soup is like air, so of course I was famished twenty minutes an hour later… so I decided to have some tea with a kidz cliff bar.


Eventually the workday ended and I was able to spend some quality time with my baby girl. This is her “Mom you came home from work too late face.”


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Weekend wedding recap

Hello Happy Monday!

You all have heard me blab about how gorgeous the weather has been in South Florida lately. We have had a pretty good stretch of cold days (aka our winter) but the cold weather has finally gotten to me and boy oh boy have I been sick! It hit me mid-week last week and has been here to stay ever since.

I’m a tad bit stressed by the fact that I still feel sick like one week away from my half marathon but I’m going to stay hopeful that I get better soon and keep my fingers crossed that my sore throat, runny nose and body aches are just a fluke.

I’ve tried to live off of soup…


(the chips were a must, they were so good I think they actually cured me a little bit) and lots of fluids….


After too many days of being sick, I’m starting to feel a tiny better and I have so much to share with you guys.

My little cousin got married this weekend so there was no time for being sick with all the wonderful festivities!

We started the weekend with a fun rehearsal dinner Friday night.  I didn’t buy anything special for myself to wear but was OBSESSED with the cutest shoes I got for Aryana. They smell delicious too, like fruit flavored erasers or something.


I am in love with these shoes and will buy a new pair for her once these get too small.  We took baby cakes with us to the rehearsal dinner and kept her up later than ever (10pm).  She normally is in bed by 7:30 so this was a wild night for her. :)


There was so much yummy food and fun dancing that it really was a preview of what was to come Saturday night.  Even the kids had a blast…and yes… she had an outfit change :)


I started my Saturday morning with a delicious almond butter and jam sandwich with a side of strawberries. Yum. I think I have a problem with almond butter.  I am addicted and probably should find a group or something because I just can’t stop eating it!


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Healthy eggplant rollatini recipe

Happy happy Tuesday!

I had such a fun day yesterday with my little sidekick. We spent the entire day together and were so productive.

I started my morning with a hodge podge breakfast (aka Baby Cake’s left overs of fruit and egg and cheese breakfast burrito). She is learning how to feed herself and is getting so good at it.


It was amazing how I was able to get her dressed and in the car all before 8:15am. First stop, my office. We headed over to my office to get a few things done and pick some work for me to do later while she napped. She was obsessed with my computer screen.


Next stop, Wholefoods to do our weekly shopping. This little girl is in love with the flax-seed bagels. She devoured one while we were shopping around.


My mom insisted I give her a quick rinse before putting her down for a nap after getting home from the grocery store.  I know there is no such thing as a quick rinse with a baby who is obsessed with bath time.  I tried to save the efforts of a hair wash with three different hair accessories.


When we got home I decided I wanted a flax-seed bagel for lunch and tried it out with a new almond butter I found. This brand is okay. Definitely not my favorite but I do like the texture.


Once my cupcake woke up from her nap, we decided to be adventurous and headed to the mall. I found this sweater at Nordstroms and it was love at first sight.


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Weekend recap

Happy Martin Luther King day!

Whether you are off for the holiday or back to the grind, I hope your Monday is off to a good start and I hope you had an AH-MAZING weekend!!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Friday.  This weekend just escaped me and I promise I have missed you so.

Friday was a super busy workday.  I had meetings downtown all day leaving me no time to eat a proper lunch so my eats looked a little something like this:


The weather in South Florida has been so wonderful the last two weeks.  It has been especially cold the last few days so it was nice to use some of the vacation winter clothing that never get used and just take space in the closet.

When I got home from work, I spent as much time as possible outside.


This meant, park time for baby cakes and my nephew.  These two are obsessed with this playground.


My mom came up to see us Friday night (best surprise ever) and to seal the Best Mom of the Day Award, cooked all of us dinner :)  My (aunt) mom’s big sister is here visiting from Iran and she brought us the most delicious cookies.  Yummmooo.


My Saturday was centered all around organizing and house stuff.  We had the handyman come help make the house pretty from the inside and had our house pressure cleaned so it could be pretty from the outside too.

I started my morning with a flax seed bagel from Wholefoods, topped with almond butter and bananas.


Once I was fueled up, I attacked most of the closets in the house including the pantry and my office closet.  My office closet was simply my hide it spot.  So it took forever to clean out the world’s biggest clutter box.

Once all the cleaning was done, I baked some bread while my mom made everyone dinner.


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