Food prep and the run that never was

Happy Monday!

Can you believe the weekend is over already?!? As depressing as it is, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday so far (as great as a Monday can be).

Yesterday was the longest day ever. Every time I looked at my watch, I was surprised that it wasn’t 11:00pm. This started at 10:00am…So you can just imagine.

I woke up (so sore from yoga) and whipped together some banana pancakes for baby cake and my nephew. Once the babies were nice and fed, I made my sister and I some pancakes. Rather than keeping it simple, I decided to experiment with something different…chocolate chip, banana, walnuts, chia seed whole-wheat pancakes. We topped these bad boys with pure maple syrup with a side of dunkin donuts original blend coffee. Yum. The best part was definitely the walnuts. Why don’t I put nuts in my pancakes all the time?!?


After breakfast we took the kiddos for a walk, my nephew is adorable. Here he is holding onto my stroller to be closer to his little cousin. Adorable.


A few hours later, baby cake was napping and I was doing some hard-core food prep in the kitchen. I washed and chopped veggies and fruit for the week, cooked some quinoa, baked some eggs (yes, that’s right baked them in the oven), baked breakfast bars and a few things for baby cake.

Okay, so about those eggs. I keep seeing everywhere that you can bake eggs in the oven. An oven baked “hard-boiled” egg. Basically, pre-heat the oven to 325, place a few eggs in a muffin tin and bake for 30 minutes. Well…the entire process was “different.” First, the eggs were speckled. I’m not sure with what but they looked funny. Then once they were peeled they were stained a yellowish color (I’m guessing over baked?). They also seemed a little rubbery. Overall, the technique worked but they weren’t for me. My perfect hard-boiled egg method is still best.


I decided to use these eggs to make egg salad sandwiches on french bread made with dill, cilantro and Greek yogurt for lunch. I love egg salad and I love Greek yogurt so this was a great “healthy” egg salad option.


After lunch, I continued slaving prepping in the kitchen for a little while longer before getting ready to hit the gym for my run.  I wanted to maximize my baby cake time so planned on running mid-day at the gym (during her second nap)…on the treadmill…

First sign that this run was going to be less then perfect.  My last contact lens didn’t quite make it into the case so it dried up on the counter.  So rather than ditching my run or running in glasses my sister called in a favor with a life saver who saw me on a Sunday and gave me contacts.  Best-save-ever.

Second sign, my iphone battery was low before I got to the gym.  No way it was going to last 10 miles.  The gym has chargers on all the cardio machines but they are for the older iphones (A for effort but get with the ages people).  I was able to do 6 miles at the gym listening to music and watching one episode of Revenge before nearly dying of boredom.  Once my phone died, I knew it was game over.  I left the gym with every intention of running another 4 miles in the glorious outdoors.


I came home to a baby who was awake and way too tempting to leave.  I fed her dinner before taking her on a nice walk.  I ran half a mile with her before passing her over to her dad and running another mile solo.  I couldn’t make it to ten miles yesterday which broke my heart.  I wanted so bad to get 10 miles done but there were too many bumps in the road.  :( Next week I vow to run 11 regardless of the humps and bumps the run may present.


On our way home, we decided to make a quick stop at my sisters house which ended up being an unexpected freebie dinner.  We had a delicious salad with feta and olives with brown rice, roasted cherry tomatoes and turkey kabob.  It was so yummy, baby cake ate another dinner.  Best part…no dishes!! I swear I spend half my day washing dishes.  How can there be so many dishes always?!


I ended the night getting things ready for the work week including creating a meal plan (I know, so backwards, since I already went to the store).

Here’s the tentative plan this week:

  • Butternut squash, kale, quinoa salad with pomegranate seeds and grilled chicken
  • Spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs
  • Panko crusted grilled chicken with asparagus
  • Sweet and Sour meatballs with brown rice and steamed veggies
  • Meatloaf with roasted cauliflower

Like I said, this is a tentative plan since I change my mind so much and I am sure it will change 2312 times between now and the end of the week.

As far as my fitness plan, I hope to run 4 times. 3 shorties and 1 long run.  Seems simple but if the last few weeks are any indication of what’s to come…I’m in big trouble.   Wish me luck!

What are your food and/or fitness plans this week?

Do your runs ever run shorter than planned?

11 thoughts on “Food prep and the run that never was

  1. Even if you didn’t get to 10 miles, I think it’s great that you did go running when you got home, despite having other things crop up. I know that’s my weakness – I always say “later,” or “another time,” but never follow through. I admire your determination.

  2. I just found your blog and its very cute! I’m 19 weeks prego, an attorney and a runner too. Any chance you followed a recipe for the pancakes? They look great.

    • Congrats on your pregnancy! I hope you are just starting to feel better because second trimester is by far the best!

      The pancakes are so easy its ridiculous. Depending on how hungry you are you can follow the recipe as is or increase everything to 1/2 a cup. You need 1/3 cup liquid egg whites, 1/3 dry oatmeal, 1/2 mashed banana and 1 tsp baking powder. Mix everything and cook in small pan just like a normal pancake (medium high heat) and flip over once it firms up. So filling and easy. :) I hope you enjoy!

  3. Thanks, Sanaz! Things seem to be looking up and I even “ran” a few miles yesterday, but I am getting comfortable with running less and being more gentle. Pregnancy is a real trip!
    Sorry for confusing you– I am sure both recipes are delish. Thanks for sending me the buttermilk walnut one, too. :) These look easy and perfect for me right now– carbs are all I want.

    • That’s awesome! I was such a lazy pregnant person. Pregnancy is rough so be kind to your body. Our jobs give us enough stress so try not to stress about all the things your doing and not doing :)
      You have to let me know how you like the pancakes. :)

  4. Hi Sanaz– I made the healthy banana oat pancakes above because I had egg whites for a change–yummy! Now I am ready for the walnut choc chip ones! ;) So if you can send me the recipe whenever you get a chance.

    Happy New Year!

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