Miami winter

First, I say with a angry broken heart, Alypoo and I didn’t get picked for the Cherry Blossom run.  :(  Devastating but I will try to get in through the transfer process in February. Fingers Crossed.

On a more positive note, South Florida is awesome. South Florida = awesome night clubs, bikini weather year round, palm trees, pina coladas and yummy Latin food. What you don’t think of is cold winters, boots, scarfs, snow…you catch my drift. First, I want to say, don’t get me wrong it totally gets cold here (like 5 days a year) but we love and will 100% take advantage of any excuse to wear a turtleneck and bust out our uggs. Exhibit A-what I saw out at lunch.


Um, yea…today’s high was 75 degrees and you are seeing correct, 4 random girls all in winter boots.  It’s kinda pathetic cute right? 


Before I left my house and brave the winter chill went to work, I had a piece of quinoa breakfast bar with a Dunkin coffee and banana.  This bar although kind of small was very filling and quite delicious.  I am convinced nuts make any meal 50 times better.


I packed a yummy salad for lunch but was asked convinced to go out to lunch with Jen. This would give us an opportunity to play since she will be transferring to another office in a month or so (sob) and give us the perfect backdrop to gossip talk.


We went to Chipotle and both had a Salad Bowl with brown rice, pico de gallo, steak (chicken for Jen) and lettuce.  Lunch would have been extra awesome had it not taken 30 minutes to travel 3 miles (gotta love traffic).

Once back to the office, I hustled worked extra hard to be super productive.  I often try to get into the groove but it doesn’t always happen the way it did today so yay for a productive Monday.

I got home to the cutest most excited baby cakes.  She was so excited to see me and even clapped for me. (I wish I could get that type of reaction everywhere I went). I finished giving her dinner and took her for a walk since the weather was so nice today.


This was the beautiful sunset we caught on our walk around the lake.

Once I got my cupcake in bed, I decided to keep my productivity up and see how much I could get done in the kitchen.  I baked panko crusted chicken breasts with chopped butternut squash.  While that was baking, I prepared turkey meatballs for tomorrow’s dinner.  I haven’t made this recipe before so I will let you know how these meatballs come out.  Once the meatballs were done browning, I sautéed some kale and deseeded a pomegranate for dinner.

Dinner tonight was panko crusted chicken with a side of kale, butternut squash, quinoa, walnuts and pomegranate seed salad. I used the quinoa I made last night that was super convenient and saved me a ton of time.


This beautiful salad was so colorful and so delicious.  I topped everything with some balsamic glaze for a little extra yumminess.


After dinner, I decided to be superwoman and baked an apple pie…from scratch. Well kind of from scratch, the pie crust was pre-made thanks to Pillsbury. :)


I ended my Miami winter night with hot apple pie and tea.  Every night should end like this!

What’s your favorite pie?

Pre-cooking dinner, yay or nay?

6 thoughts on “Miami winter

  1. Favorite pie…I am not picky, I like them all, but chocolate ice box pie is pretty darn good. So is a piece of hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream

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