Playing office santa

Who doesn’t love getting presents…and who doesn’t love making people smile? Well combine these two and I give you…Office Santa. :)

I really love the day I get to “deliver” my presents and play Office Santa. Regardless of whether you’re giving out candy, homemade goodies or coach bags it feels so good giving out goodies to people you care about.


This year I ended up with a good mix of “presents” and gift cards. I asked around and it seemed to be the general consensus that my office family wanted preferred gift cards.

Pros-Easy peasy
Cons- impersonal

I gift wrapped all my goodies last night which got me even more excited for today!

Yesterday was an overall fun day that flew by! I wish I was more productive but I wish that everyday…

Day started with some fresh homemade coconut vanilla almond butter with pomegranate preserve and a cup of coffee.

Two hours later enter Starbucks caramel brulee two pump nonfat latte with cookies that magically appeared in the office kitchen.


For lunch me and my partner in crime Jen snuck out to get a little Christmas shopping done.  In one hour, we managed to go to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Publix (local grocery store).  With meetings in the morning and shopping rendezvous at lunch, I was ecstatic forced to grab sushi from Publix.


I am so predictable. Spicy Tuna.

I always feel so full after eating sushi and then so hungry two hours later.  I satisfied my hunger with a semi healthy snack, chocolate and pistachios.


I stopped by the grocery store on my way home to pick up a few things for baby cakes.  Of course, I entered with a shopping basket and left with a shopping cart full of food.


I came home with good eats and a balloon for baby cake.  She loves balloons even though she refers to them as “ball” and you would never guess it from this picture.  My nephew and my sister (favorite person ever) was came over so the night was extra fun.


I wanted to have a lazy night so I bought a rotisserie chicken from the store and ate that with left over spaghetti squash and butternut squash kale salad.  (P.s. the kale salad taste better than you can imagine two days later and cold).


To add a bit of pizzazz to my chicken I dipped it in Chop House Steak Sauce.  This sauce is the most delicious sauce ever.  Tastes perfect with fish, steak and chicken and the best part, ingredients you can pronounce and only 25 calories per serving with no artificial junk. I found this gem of a sauce at Wholefoods.

After dinner I decided to make some homemade bread.  It was my first time making bread so I was nervous hopeful.  I followed this recipe but cut it in half since I didn’t know how it would come out and didn’t want to throw out two loaves of bread.


2 hours later…I give you PERFECTION.

My sister came over to play after dinner (benefits of living on the same street) and I forced her to wait until the bread was done baking.


Oh my goodness, it was so good…I’m kicking myself for not making two loaves.  I know baby cake who is obsessed with bread is going to love it which makes me so happy.

Cooking delicious foods for adults is fun.

Cooking food your baby thinks is delicious is ah-mazing!!

Now I better get going so I can play Office Santa :)

Have you ever made bread?

Do you still have Christmas shopping to do, or are you done?

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