Skinny lasagna roll ups

Nothing says I love you more than a co-worker bringing you an unexpected treat and nothing is better than a breakfast sandwich from Einsteins.  This is a Santa Fe breakfast sandwich on a whole wheat bagel thin and boy oh boy was it delicious!!!!


Overall, I have to be very careful with breakfast sandwiches because I easily get addicted and not so much to the healthy, egg white, no cheese type…I’m talking the yummy ones with bacon/turkey sausage, cheese, cream cheese and almost always a sesame bagel.

During my pregnancy with my daughter I CRAVED breakfast sandwiches and got them almost everyday.  I blame my 50 lb weight gain with her singly handedly on those bad boys.  This time around I’ve been much MUCH better mostly because I have had virtually no cravings and also because I didn’t want to gain 50 lbs again.

Here is my belly yesterday morning.  Lets hope I don’t explode in the next two plus weeks.


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Home design plans

I can’t believe we moved into our new house almost 8 months ago and there are still sooooooooo many things I need/want/dream of doing to make this place into a dream home.  Of course, everyone has a list of a million things they can always do to renovate, decorate or just improve their homes but I am embarrassed to say, there are still a handful of boxes that haven’t been fully unpacked.  (Please don’t judge).

I’ve been pregnant ever since we moved in which has really slowed me down especially in the last few months in the home decor/improvement category.  Not exercising and not reading as many running/fitness blogs has left me with more time to stalk read style/home improvement blogs which really has me excited! So, I have decided to not be discouraged by my delay and try to plan and hunt for perfect pieces to really make this house awesome.

Hunt Find #1 – My sister and I were at Target (best place on earth) and I ran across this beauty and steal at $99.00.


Although I didn’t really have a plan for where to place it, I figured I had to buy one (maybe two) and find a home for it later.  I tried the foot of the bed but I don’t think that look is for me. It looks great in the living room but that’s a huge project so I found a nook near our bedroom door next to our dresser.  Although it has zero function here, I kinda am obsessed with the possibility of this beauty living in my bedroom :)

Okay okay, enough about this little bench.  Yesterday was a long day at work so I tried to pack tons of delicious things to help get me through the day.


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Food prep ninja

Happy Tuesday!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a nice Monday, well as nice as Monday’s can be.  I tried to take it easy this weekend so I didn’t do a whole bunch…well…until Sunday.

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of meal planning and some food prep but this week I think I outdid myself.  Although we are only two days into the week, I can already see how the benefit of my hard work will make my week that much easier.

Tim and I went to brunch and stopped by Wholefoods to do our weekly shopping.

It never seems to amaze me how colorful the produce department is in every Wholefoods.


I mean, how gorgeous are these apples!?!?

My mom came over on Sunday and helped out so much in the kitchen (moms are the best!).  Unfortunately, I think even though there were two of us working hard, we still spent a few hours in the kitchen.

This week on the dinner menu we will be eating:

  • Sunday Night  Slow Cooker Roast
  • Healthy Beef Mongolian with Broccoli and Brown Fried Rice
  • Chicken Soft Tacos
  • Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups
  • Baked Fish with Veggies

I started by getting the roast ready to go for a delicious and easy Sunday night dinner.


I will post this easy peasy recipe later this week but I promise it was so easy and so delicious!

Next, I made Skinnytaste Mongolian Beef so all we had to do last night was heat it up.

The recipe was so easy to make and honestly after making it, I realized just how easy it was to make that it probably didn’t need to be made in advance.


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Sometimes its nice to take a break from life and do something that makes you feel spoiled.  Whether its a small splurge, an extra indulgence or something you could totally live without…life is wayyyy too short to not spoil yourself every now and again.


I was so good last weekend with my simple meal planning.  I had it all planned out and all the ingredients purchased ready to go for each night.  Next thing I know, Monday morning I get an e-mail from Blue Apron telling me my (unplanned) meals were shipped and to be delivered Wednesday.  I felt so upset that I didn’t check to make sure I suspended all my deliveries until I realized who cares, it can be my indulgence of the week.


Luckily, the meals we got all look good this week and some of my pre-planned meals could easily be made next week or frozen for another time.


Blue Apron meal #1 – Beef Bolognese.  Yummmooo!!!!!!!

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Easy meals are where it’s at!

Nothing is better than a nice homemade meal that doesn’t take all day to make or dirty every dish in the kitchen. Today was a day of easyyyyy meals that took minimal good prep on Sunday.

Breakfast was a bit of a cheat since I had a banana and an organic protein smoothie.


I wish I was one of those girls who would actually stay full on this kinda meal but it definitely did the job until about 10. The Fuel was for Tim and the balance was for me. I can’t say enough good things about these smoothies. I wish they weren’t so expensive but man oh man are they delicious!!!!

Before having a work provided turkey sub, I snacked on a chocolate chip granola bar and still felt famished.

I had a hard time getting back into the groove of the first Monday post holidays so yesterday was a bit of a bust.

By the time I made it home, I was exhausted and so thankful I had dinner ready to go. I quickly made some white rice and enjoyed some quality baby cake time.

Is it crazy I wish I had my two year old’s hair??


Once my munchkin was in bed I heated up my Santa Fe Chicken I made in the crock pot on Sunday. It was amazing to get such a delicious dinner prepared in a matter of a few minutes.

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Planning ahead

It’s always the weekends when you plan to conquer a million things on your To-Do List when you get nearly nothing done.  I jinxed myself with the highest of hopes of getting so many things done including the world’s best food prep and unfortunately not much got done.

In an effort to avoid this from happening often, I got my 2015 planner and I am absolutely in love with the To-Do List portion of this Day Designer strategic planner and agenda. So get ready for some super productive future food prep and weekend recap posts. :)


The holiday week started with Pizza Fusion at my sister’s house. For those of you not familiar, it’s a delicious natural/organic pizza joint with locations throughout Florida and maybe one or two other states.  Tim thinks pizza should be delicious and greasy so he hates it but I love the natural/organic options and I love that it tastes homemade and doesn’t give you a greasy belly ache afterwards.  If you live nearby one and you have an ounce of “hippy” in you, I strongly suggest you try it out.


The rest of the weekend was spent trying to get the nursery completed while trying not to faint.  Unfortunately, this belly hasn’t “dropped” so I am in a constant state of feeling like I am suffocating.  :(

On a brighter note, I got to go on a nice date with my hunny and baby cake.  On a sad note, I was a pig and forgot to take a single picture of the DELICIOUS foods we ate.  Since I haven’t blogged in so long, I guess I forgot the importance of documenting all delicious things I eat.

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Hello…..I’m bacccccckkkkk

It is so hard for me to start writing this post.  Its been almost a year since my last blog post (shame shame shame on me!!!!!!) but I think the start of the new year, with a new focus is exactly what I needed to get back into the groove of things.

So much has happened since last year. We moved.  My little baby cake is not such a baby anymore.  At just over the tiny of age of 2 she is a talking ball of personality with so much sass and true non-judgmental love.   I wish I could bottle her up at this age and keep a bit of it around forever!


For other big news, I am pregnant with baby #2 and he will be here on February 3, 2015 (Scheduled C-section….unless he decides to come early).  I had a bit of a rough pregnancy and haven’t been able to run or exercise but I am soooo looking forward to getting back into it as soon as I get cleared to resume start exercising.

Here is a belly shot at 9 months…Please excuse the messy room :)


I’ve tried to stay “healthy” this pregnancy with a better focus on what I eat but of course I am not perfect and have had my fair share of guilty pleasures…hence the big belly :)

With family, baby cakes, baby cupcake cooking and working full-time its going to be pretty hard to find time for much else on a daily basis but I am going to make the effort to keep up regularly with Run for Cake and hopefully this year bring more delicious easy recipes, exercise options for people/mama’s trying or starting to get in shape and fun ideas in general.  I know I get upset when bloggers I follow don’t post daily regularly so I am going to try my very hardest to keep this thing going. So I hope you don’t hate me, will forgive me and I promise I won’t let you down./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a7e/60625083/files/2015/01/img_3281.jpg

I hope everyone had an ah-mazing New Year!!! 2014 was pretty awesome so I just can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for me!