Homemade bread makes me run longer


So excited that today is Friday. I hope you are just as excited because Friday’s are the best days ever.

I had an awesome day yesterday jam-packed with ah-mazingness.

I started my day with a…wait for it…homemade breadhomemade vanilla maple almond butter sandwich with pomegranate preserve.  I swear this bread is so delicious and easy to make, I may never go back to store-bought bread.


I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and headed to the first activity of the day. Optometrist appointment.  The Optometrist was a super cute younger doctor full of energy and spunk which was a great way to start the day.  The office felt more like a spa than a eye doctors office which made the experience that much better.  They even had K-cups (which surprisingly I turned down…can you even believe it?!).


After my appointment, I stopped in at my sister’s office (two doors down).  She is a dentist for little kiddos and I am always in awe when I go to her beautiful office and realize shes the boss.  Crazy!?!


I then headed to the office where I made the conscious decision to fight the urge not stop at Dunkin Donuts and just drink liquid tar the coffee at the office.  The good thing was, we had another holiday cookie delivery and the kitchen was full of cookies. I did what any good employee would do…steal take ten three cookies.


Getting a later start to the office meant working ten times harder in hopes of catching up on the time I lost this morning. This was of course after I played Office Santa which was a huge success full of hugs and smiles!

Jen and I ate a quick lunch in the kitchen before walking over to get our nails done.  Jen + Manicure = Best lunch date ever.  I keep saying this but I am really getting nervous about how depressing sad work will be without my strawberry blonde firecracker.  A few months ago I lost another awesome coworker (who I call our office barbie) to the “East” office too and I still haven’t fully healed from that either.  Just warning you, I may fall apart in a month or so…

For lunch I had the last of my kale, butternut squash, pomegranate roasted walnut salad with a few Morning Star “Chicken” nuggets.  I don’t know how, but those bad boys taste JUST like chicken.


As for my mani, I decided to switch things up with a french manicure rather than my normal red, pink or dark purple.  Unfortunately, the manicurist must be a secret chain smoker because I didn’t smell it on her but went back to my office and kept thinking I smelled like I rolled around in an ashtray (for almost one hour), until I finally realized…my hands stunk like smoke :(

In the afternoon, I kept awake by eating a few more cookies, a cliff bar with a big old cup of coffee before heading home for the day.  I don’t know how or why but today I literally ate everything in sight.  ::::blush:::::


Like always, getting home to baby cake is the worlds best gift.  Although she didn’t clap for my entrance today, she did say hiiiiiiiii while holding a toy to her ear.  I enjoyed the rest of my afternoon with her and my nephew.  I ate their fed them dinner, bathed my munchkin and watched some cartoons before putting her to bed for the night.


My mom had dinner already cooked (gotta love moms) so I decided to sneak out for a run before eating dinner.


I planned on running five miles this morning which changed to three miles when I tied up my shoes, four miles when I reached mile two and ended up being seven.  I ran nice and slow and creeped in some nearby gated communities where I stalked the pretty houses enjoyed looking at all the pretty Christmas lights ;)

I took full advantage since the weather was perfect, I had the energy and Pandora was killing it.  I swear it was all the homemade bread I ate today that gave me the super powers to make a three mile late night run into seven.  Since I ran slow, I wasn’t dying exhausted when I got home.  This was a nice change I highly recommend.


How gorgeous is the moon?! I couldn’t stop staring at it the entire run.  It was one of those runs that was just great from start to finish.  I felt as though I couldn’t stop even if I wanted (even with some strange foot pain in my right foot during the last three miles).  The only thing I wished I did differently was take water (which I totally would have had I known I was going to run so far).

After dinner, I decided I needed more homemade bread so I baked not one but two loaves.  My sister took almost half the loaf yesterday and I singly handedly ate at least four slices so it was only fair to baby cake for me to bake some more. :)


Now I’m off to eat some more bread and head off to work! I hope you have a great Friday.

What is your “super power” running fuel?

What color nail polish are you rocking for Christmas?

4 thoughts on “Homemade bread makes me run longer

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