Miami Beach fun with a Michigan snow bunny

Happy happy Friday! I’m so excited its Friday (less excited to be at work today but it’s Friday so I’ll take it!)

Yesterday was my last day off and boy was it a good one! I had so much fun with baby cake.  Her personality is really starting to show and I love every bit of it.  I apologize in advance because this post has baby cakes all over it.

I started my morning by making french toast for my family, sister and nephew.  The mix was super easy and surprisingly delicious.


My nephew had a few gifts left here and once he opened his last gift, baby decided she would jump in the box and watch cartoon from in there.


While baby cakes took her nap, I sat in my office and got some work done.  The more work done yesterday = less stressful Friday.  The day back at work after a few days off is always hard because there is so much catching up to do.  So I hope my efforts make today’s transition easy (or at least easier). 

Tim’s old roommate and very close friend was in town from Michigan with his sweet as pie family.  They were staying at one of the best hotels in Miami Beach (Fountain Blue) so it was an extra treat to see them and go play at such a nice place.


Before heading down we grabbed a quick bite to eat since we weren’t sure when we would be eating dinner.  I made us almond butter and super fruit jam sandwiches.  I made one with my homemade almond butter and one with Justin’s.  I split them in half  and Tim and I did a blind taste test and my almond butter was (still) way better than Justin’s (which is pretty delicious).


We then fed and dressed baby cakes before heading out for the day.  She insisted on eating in her toy car.


I could eat her.

Once we got to Miami Beach, we picked up our Friends and headed over to Lincoln Road.  Unfortunately it rained…and rained…and rained…95% of the time we were there.

Our first spot on Lincoln Road, was my favorite Dylan’s Candy Bar!!! This place was great and even more special since baby cakes had her first mini gummy bear! She spit the first one out right away but gave it a second chance and I hope think she was in love.


Energy filled bears…genius or disastrous idea for running fuel?


The strangest find. Bacon flavored chocolate bar.  I should have bought it just to see whether it was amazing or disgusting.

As soon as we left the candy store, it started raining (again) so we had to find refuge in Pottery Barn where the kids became best friends.


We then stopped in Nespresso once it started raining again.  This boutique was pretty amazing.  It was huge and the decor screamed South Beach.  They didn’t have to-go cups so we were forced to stay and enjoy our overpriced drinks inside.  I had a latte and it was DELICIOUS! Must have been the whole milk or the super flavorful espresso.  Yum.


Once it finally stopped raining, we were able to make it back to the car and escape drive back to the hotel. This hotel is so cool.  I have stayed there a few times including my bachelorette party and this place doesn’t disappoint.


Baby cakes and her snow bunny bff were so cute all night.  Snow bunny is one of the best behaved, well-spoken cutie pies ever.  I wanted to steal her at the end of the night.  Seeing her cuteness gets me even more excited for baby cakes to grow up because I see all the amazing fun I have to look forward to.


The best part of the night was our first dance party which was on the coolest blue floor.  Baby cakes got tired at one point and decided to stop and order us drinks.  ;)


Since she missed her afternoon nap, she was exhausted and threw a tantrum forcing us to leave before dinner.  Her plan worked since she fell asleep in the car in 2 seconds flat.

By the time we got home, we were STARVING.  I would have eaten Tim’s arm if he let me. Of course there was not much to eat at home so we stole picked up some left overs from my sister and fired up some NY Strip steaks.  I bought what I thought was an overpriced massive roast for Christmas that ended up being a block of NY Strip steaks.  We had so much food that we didn’t end up cooking the steaks so we sliced them, froze some and cooked two for dinner tonight :)


Overall, yesterday was a super fun day and an awesome end to a wonderful week with my favorites.  Now I just need today to finish so I can go home, play with my nugget, go for a run and let the weekend officially begin!

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

What are you doing this weekend?

What is your favorite candy?

What are you doing with your Christmas leftovers?

4 thoughts on “Miami Beach fun with a Michigan snow bunny

  1. That beach looks wonderful, and the water looks beautiful! Ah to be where it’s WARM!! At least warmer than here I suppose :) Looks like you had a good time! Favorite candy – Junior Mints, Christmas leftovers- in my belly!! we ate most of them last night :)

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