Weekend wedding recap

Hello Happy Monday!

You all have heard me blab about how gorgeous the weather has been in South Florida lately. We have had a pretty good stretch of cold days (aka our winter) but the cold weather has finally gotten to me and boy oh boy have I been sick! It hit me mid-week last week and has been here to stay ever since.

I’m a tad bit stressed by the fact that I still feel sick like one week away from my half marathon but I’m going to stay hopeful that I get better soon and keep my fingers crossed that my sore throat, runny nose and body aches are just a fluke.

I’ve tried to live off of soup…


(the chips were a must, they were so good I think they actually cured me a little bit) and lots of fluids….


After too many days of being sick, I’m starting to feel a tiny better and I have so much to share with you guys.

My little cousin got married this weekend so there was no time for being sick with all the wonderful festivities!

We started the weekend with a fun rehearsal dinner Friday night.  I didn’t buy anything special for myself to wear but was OBSESSED with the cutest shoes I got for Aryana. They smell delicious too, like fruit flavored erasers or something.


I am in love with these shoes and will buy a new pair for her once these get too small.  We took baby cakes with us to the rehearsal dinner and kept her up later than ever (10pm).  She normally is in bed by 7:30 so this was a wild night for her. :)


There was so much yummy food and fun dancing that it really was a preview of what was to come Saturday night.  Even the kids had a blast…and yes… she had an outfit change :)


I started my Saturday morning with a delicious almond butter and jam sandwich with a side of strawberries. Yum. I think I have a problem with almond butter.  I am addicted and probably should find a group or something because I just can’t stop eating it!


I spent the rest of the morning playing with baby cakes before heading down to Miami for the bridal party fun. She learned how to wear my purse and had so much fun dragging it around all morning.


We all got ready at a gorgeous hotel right on the water.  We all had so much fun getting ready and playing around.


Once the pictures started, all the bridesmaids were about to die faint from hunger so we were so lucky one of the girls husbands made a quick McDonalds stop for chicken nuggets :)


McDonlads ALWAYS seems like the best idea, until you eat it and get a belly ache.  :(

I caught the prettiest sunset I have ever seen on our drive over to the wedding venue.  This picture doesn’t even come remotely close to doing it justice.


Before the wedding started I got some one-on-one time with the bride and had our own iphone photo shoot while waiting.


The wedding was at the Rusty Pelican restaurant in Key Biscayne, Florida and the backdrop of downtown Miami couldn’t be prettier.


Even though I was feeling sickie, I danced my tushy off.  at about 9:30 I had no choice but to take my shoes off and dance dance dance.  Of course my feet were killing me (high heels all day is no fun) and I was worried about my Half Marathon so I decided barefoot was the way to go :)

We didn’t get home too late but since Tim and I are both feeling sickie, we felt like death when we woke.  We continued with our Sunday tradition and mooched went to my sister’s house for breakfast.


Nothing like breakfast bread and coffee.  YUM!

Once the kids went to bed for their morning nap, my sister and I snuck off to Target and Wholefoods.  The two best places on earth.  We did our weekly grocery shopping and got a few essentials at Target before getting together again for lunch.

We grilled Shrimp burgers and served them with mustard sauce, avocado and tomatoes on a whole wheat bun:)


We spent the rest of the day in bed lounging around the house.  I am hoping this cold goes away so I can be ready to go this Sunday.  I can’t believe the half marathon is just 7 days away!  I didn’t get to run too much last week because I felt like death most of the week.  I thought about running yesterday but figured it was best to rest and get better asap.

Well its time to get some work done.

I hope you have a great Monday!

What did you do this weekend?

Any suggestions on running this week since I still feel under the weather?

What is your favorite burger?

4 thoughts on “Weekend wedding recap

  1. Key Biscanye! I lived there for a grand total of two and a half weeks once. It’s absolutely beautiful there.

    Your cousin was a gorgeous bride (and you were a gorgeous bridesmaid as well)!

    I hope you feel better this week before your half! Down that Emergen-C!

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