Slowly falling apart

I wish I could say I’m cured. No more cold, no more aches and I’m so perfect I did a practice half marathon run yesterday and finished in record time….

Sadly, I’m still feeling sick. I think it’s a head cold because there is so much pressure and pain in my sinuses. I tried to go for a quick run last night and about 5 minutes into it, I experienced the sharpest, shooting pain in my right knee. I decided it was probably best to stop so I went home with no run. I feel like I haven’t run in years and it’s only been a few days. I hope I don’t forget how to run come Saturday…if I make it till then. ;)

Ok enough about the dramatic antics…I hope you are having a great Tuesday so far.

My Monday was pretty much what Mondays always are: a tad bit stressful and overall pretty uneventful.

I started my day with old faithful…an almond butter sandwich and strawberry jam.


I grabbed a cup of coffee once I got to work which I knocked over a few minutes later. Nothing better than coffee all over your desk and laptop.

For lunch I decided to go for a cup Wolfgang Puck Organic Chicken Noodle Soup. It was my first time trying this brand out and it was pretty good for canned soup.


Soup is like air, so of course I was famished twenty minutes an hour later… so I decided to have some tea with a kidz cliff bar.


Eventually the workday ended and I was able to spend some quality time with my baby girl. This is her “Mom you came home from work too late face.”


I still can’t get enough of her kitty cat shoes. They are beyond adorable! I just wish they made the same ones in my size :)

My sister made us baked potatoes with ground beef, green beans, mushrooms, cheese and sour cream topped with salsa verde. Sounds so strange but was so delicious!!!


After my running fail…I was in the mood for cookies so I came across Tina’s recipe for maple oatmeal cookies and was so excited about baking them (at 9:30pm) until I saw the directions suggested refrigerating the dough for a few hours or overnight. So I am super excited to get home today, have a pain free run and bake me some delicious cookies!

p.s. check out this crazy course.  I am getting scared excited just thinking about it!


I hope you have a great Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “Slowly falling apart

  1. You can do it! Your adrenaline will carry you through on race day. (that and all your hard work…maybe start taking Aleve twice a day to stay ahead of pain? It could help any inflammation a few days before.) I am wishing for warm running weather right about now! That course looks fabulous, can’t wait to here about it!

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