Hello Half Marathon…so nice to (finally) meet you

It’s finally here!

This morning I will be running the Miami Half Marathon! This is my first big race and I am pretty nervous excited!

I am nervous because I feel like my training has been not been what I hoped the last month coupled with me having a baddddd cold for almost two weeks plus an achy knee…so my training has been pretty disappointing the last few weeks…BUT…there is nothing I can do about it except get excited and RUN!


My sister and I drove down to Miami yesterday while the babies napped to grab my race packet.  Boy oh boy was the traffic horrendous! Note to self, next time make a weekend out of it and stay downtown or on the beach.  It took forever to get down there, find parking and get into the expo.


Once we were in there, the expo was pretty cool.  Huge and packed full of a gazillion people.  It took so long to get in there we didn’t really have a ton of time to spend shopping around.

We did make time to grab some bicbands and yummy treats.  I used the headband yesterday and it gave me a headache :( I have only heard awesome things and it didn’t seem too tight, but I guess I have a really big head or something.IMG_9345

Once we made it home I spent the rest of the day getting ready for my run and playing with my little cupcake. Nothing like park time with my favorite girl.


I’ve been trying to carb up so I enjoyed waffles for breakfast, a ton of free snacks at the expo for lunch and delicious sushi and fried rice for dinner.


We can’t we carb up everyday? Carbs are so delicious.


Before getting ready for bed I packed everything I ended and got my outfit ready. Getting everything organized gave me a brief moment of zen.


Bib. Check
Garmin. Check
Breakfast. Check
Gear. Check

Enough said. Time to run. Wish me luck!!!

11 thoughts on “Hello Half Marathon…so nice to (finally) meet you

  1. Yay! Half marathon time! You will do great; take your time and have fun. Your adrenaline will get you through the last couple of miles. My training didn’t go so well my last month but I ran it non stop and was pleased with my time. Crossing that finish line will be an emotional high. I cried! Lol
    Best wishes!!!

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