Miami Half Marathon Recap


First, I must say I’ve missed you terribly!!!! I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for TWO WEEKS! I’m a horrible person, I know.


My life has been sooo hectic that I’ve really thought that I just can’t handle my life and do this blog…at least the way I want to. I know it sound ridiculous but it’s true. Some days I can’t get to everything then I feel bad and one day turns into well…14.

Ok enough moping, here’s my race recap:

I had a blast at the Miami Half Marathon.

I didn’t realize what an AMAZING run it was until about 24 hours later when it all sunk in and I realized I am obsessed.

Here is the full recap of everything Miami Half Marathon explained from the perspective of someone who was running their first half marathon.  :) I read a gazillion running blogs and most are super star runners and started their blogs once they had already ran a gazillion big races.  I thought I would write this post for the newbies like me.  A race recap from a half marathon virgin.

Like a good girl, I packed everything the night before including my breakfast (almond butter and jam sandwich).  I put my bib, garmin, headphones, chapstick, spibelt, Cliff shot blocks, water bottle and directions (yes directions…I may be from Miami but directions never hurt anyone) in a Ziploc along with 20 bucks a credit card and my driver’s license.  I put that  bag of golden goodies under my keys to make sure I wouldn’t forget it.  Looking back, I should have put it in my car.  This way there was no chance of forgetting it.


I then went on to get my clothing ready.  Everything from undies to my hair tie.  Everything was placed in the bathroom ready to go.  The less thinking at 4 am the better.  *I should have packed extra hair ties.  I only thought of this two seconds before the race started when I was adjusting my hair…I thought, oh $*!@ what if my hair tie broke.  Lesson learned.

I got up at 4 and was out of the house at 4:15.

It took me about 30 minutes to get into downtown.  Parking took another 45 minutes.  If I could go back and do it again…I would have gotten a hotel room downtown.  More sleeping and less stressful.  Once I found parking and walked 1 mile to get to the actual event I started to get realllllyyyy excited.

I stopped to use the portapotty before going to my coral and wow are those things gross! They really need to put hand sanitizer stations outside those things.  I will be taking my own mini bottle of hand sanitizer next time.


The corrals were crazy.  No one knew where to go it seemed even though our bibs had the corral letters on them.  I was in H.  Don’t ask me how that happened but it did.  I must have estimated my time or not estimated to be in the second to last corral.   Once in my corral, I waited patiently until H got called…which was over 30 minutes after corral A.


As soon as I crossed the start line I started feeling pain in my right knee. I thought oh no, I doubt I can make it one mile. I just kept at it and ran nice and slow.

The crowd was amazing. The energy was out if this world. I just kept at it and was able to run non stop until I hurt my knee at mile 11. For fuel, I alternated between Gatorade and water. I also enjoyed the fruit at mile 10 or so. Nothing like an orange wedge to give you a nice boost. I was able to limp run the last two miles and was sooooo excited to be finished.


After the run, I hit up the tents and fueled up I. Tons of goodies. My favorite part was definitely the chocolate milk.


The part that made me kinda sad was the amount of trash everywhere. A million cups. I now know why races are so expensive. They need a trillion people to clean up all the little cups.


Of course I parked in a lot that couldn’t easily be accessed because of the road closures with the race. I walked in the pouring rain (yes. Pouring rain) for thirty minutes to get to my car.

Once home, my munchkin wore my race shirt and played with my medal until she broke it. :)


How could I be mad at that face.


Overall I’m so proud of my self. I was able to run a half in less than 2:30 with a bum knee and especially since I started running less than 5 months ago.


Things I would do differently.
1. Focus on speed work
2. Run in sun more since it was sooo sunny for most of my race. I needed practice so I didn’t feel like I was dead during the last 8 miles of my race.
3. More lonnnnng runs. And that’s running with zero stops even if at a molasses rate.
4. Run more in January. Somehow January sucked for me and I paid the price at the half. I didn’t run enough and January and it made a difference.

Just writing about this post makes me get excited about running another race!!!

Overall I give the Miami Half an A +

Now on to my BIGGEST dilemma…how do I blog without it feeling stressful. Sometimes I just don’t have the time for a good juicy post and it stressed me out to no end. I personally don’t love blogs that don’t post regularly so I really just don’t know what to do.


What can I do to balance life and blog?

How have you been the last two weeks?

10 thoughts on “Miami Half Marathon Recap

  1. I have to say, I really missed your blog the last 2 weeks! So glad you had a great first half experience! I ran my first (and only) half last November and really enjoy reading about others’ first time experiences! I’m not a blogger so I can’t help with any advice about that but I have really enjoyed all your posts so far :) I love hearing about your running, babycakes and eats!

  2. Yay, glad you’re back and congrats on a great half! You overcame the knee and the heat and did an awesome job!

    I like blogs that post regularly but that doesn’t mean every single day. One of my favorite blogs only posts about twice a week. I think it’s all about setting expectations for your readers.

  3. I am so glad you are back! I have really loved your blog. I hope you can find a way to continue blogging without it being stressful. Congrats on your first race! And, I think your little girl is the absolute CUTEST!

  4. Congrats!! What an incredible time! I can’t believe it was your first half. And check out that medal – very colorful!

    I think something that helps me with blogging is narrowing it down to the days of the week that I will normally post and then planning out my posts a week in advance.

  5. First, you are a corporate attorney and are very busy, so even though we miss you, we understand when you cannot post. What I like the most about you and your blog is that you work a very demanding job, are a mother to a beautiful little girl, a wife, and you still find time to train.

    Also, great job on your half marathon! That is an awesome time!

  6. Glad you are back! I am going through the same thing (have been for awhile) with my blog. The ironic thing is that I’ve been planning a blog post on this very thing, but have been too busy, ha! Congrats on the run, that’s awesome!

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